Knowledge for Young Farmers

Secretary of the International Union of Young Farmers Sergejus Ivanovas participated in the Conference "Knowledge for Young Farmers" 15-16 October 2015, Brussels

At this conference, the preliminary results of the Pilot Project "Exchange programme for young farmers", proposed by the European Parliament and supported by the European Commission, were presented. For this study, some 2,205 young farmers (max 40 years old), including members of the International Union of Young Farmers, had been interviewed. The aim of the conference was to present the needs of young farmers, provide an overview of existing exchange schemes for young farmers throughout EU 28, and also outside Europe, and launch the guide for successful exchange schemes, which has been produced as part of the study.

The conference was aimed at young farmers, policy makers, managers of exchange schemes and also representatives of EU institutions. It represented a unique opportunity for organisers of exchange programmes to learn from each other.


Встреча в австрийской Червонке

15 июня 2013 года в отеле "Червонка", Австрия, состоялась встреча актива Международного союза молодых фермеров. На встрече был обсужден вопрос участия представителей МСМФ в вечерней молодежной сессии "Сова" Дней безопасности-2013 ОБСЕ, роль социальных медиа в создании Сообщества безопасности и сотрудничества на географическом пространстве ОБСЕ.


15 February - World Orthodox Youth Day

On 15 February 2013, the World Orthodox Youth Day, Sergejus Ivanovas, Secretary of the International Union of Young Farmers, and Reinhard Knittel, Professor and Rector of the Philosophical-Theological University of the Diocese of St. Pölten, visited the Cathedral in Kaliningrad, Russian Federation. Sergejus Ivanovas made a presentation at the International Conference “The Role and Position of the Christian Religion in the Youth Education Process at the Present Stage of Society Development”, held by the Kaliningrad Institute of Tourism – Branch of the Russian International Academy of Tourism, and the International Institute of Political Sciences. The conference took place in the assembly hall of the Kaliningrad Branch of the Russian Army, Air Force and Navy Volunteer Society, Ozernaya st. 31A.



Tax exemptions for agriculture are extended

The Russian State Duma passed the first reading of a bill extending the tax exemption treatment of agricultural profit. This document is intended to neutralize the impact on agriculture from Russia’s accession to the WTO.



EU wheat crops need sun after wet summer start

Wheat crops in west Europe urgently need sunshine to push them towards ripeness and high quality after a very wet and cloudy start to the summer, analysts and traders said on Tuesday.



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