Biochem Zusatzstoffe Handels celebrates 30th anniversary

Over the course of its history, Biochem has understood the importance of responding to current developments and special customer needs in order to create a custom-tailored product portfolio. The unanimous opinion expressed by one visitor is representative of the positive impression that Biochem made on all of its guests during the anniversary celebrations: “We wish this company with its 30 years of success another 30 years of the same prosperity as well as a continued talent in finding individual solutions and ecologically valuable alternatives for people and animals in the spirit of the Biochem slogan – Feed Safety for Food Safety.”

With its headquarters in Lohne, a town in the heart of Oldenburg Münsterland which is a historically important agricultural region in Germany, Biochem is situated in the midst of its business. It is not only the company‘s strategic location, but also its 30-year history which makes it possible to offer a comprehensive product range comprising feed additives in powder form for the feed industry as well as complementary feedstuffs in liquid or paste form designed for short-term use by farmers. Providing professional customer advice on the optimum product and feed concepts completes Biochem’s offering.
Flexible manufacturing and filling processes ensure these high standards can be achieved. The guests were also able to gain insight into the electronically controlled manufacturing and mixing processes on a tour of Biochem’s modern production and warehouse facilities. The components are mixed in individual batches based on a quality system, meaning that container sizes from 50 grams to one tonne big bags can be delivered at any time. The warehouse has a capacity of 8,500 pallet bays thanks to the high rack system that was built in 2009 and expanded in 2015.
The company’s various teams – including a total of 221 employees, with 139 in Lohne – primarily comprise agricultural scientists, veterinarians, chemists and biologists who are reliable and competent partners in the mixed feed and veterinary industry in 53 countries. Safety and quality have always been given top priority, both of which are not only regularly checked but also confirmed by independent institutions.
Biochem’s feed concepts are designed to maintain the health and productivity of animals, while also saving money and the environment. Essential nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, copper and zinc are digested better and absorbed more efficiently.
Eckhard Thölke - the company‘s owner and founder, began in 1986 as a raw materials supplier for the feed industry. Since then, Biochem has consistently met the requirements of the ever-expanding market, enabling it to continuously evolve. “This has been instrumental in becoming the company we are today – a world leader in developing, producing and marketing additives, dietary and complementary feedstuffs, as well as integrated product concepts. Our focus has always been on the safety of people and animals,” said Dr Grafe, explaining the company’s vision in his welcoming address.
“Biochem has grown so close to its partners over the years – in the truest sense of the word - and that‘s why our vision is still going strong,” emphasized Managing Director Dr Alexander Grafe as he welcomed the guests together with Biochem’s other two managing directors, Dr Heiko Greimann and Eckhard Thölke.
Around 30 journalists from Germany, the Netherlands, France, Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Turkey and Lebanon arrived on Friday, 10 June 2016 to report on the company’s impressive development and its anniversary in various magazines, and to also learn more about its history.
For 30 years now - Biochem Zusatzstoffe Handels- und Produktionsgesellschaft mbH has offered nutritious, modern animal feed products around the world and with great success. The managing directors found the company‘s 30th anniversary to be a worthy occasion for celebrating at the Lohne headquarters on Saturday, 11 June 2016. Biochem’s entire workforce and their families from Germany and abroad, as well as guests from all around the world and representatives from the national and international press were invited to a special open house in the afternoon and a fantastic evening event. The company took the opportunity to look back on its remarkable history, and to optimisti- cally envisage its future.

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